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  • Eco-friendly Cruising

    In this world where wild places and wild resources are rapidly becoming things of memories, Discovery Voyages feels it is imperative that there be an active voice for the protection of Alaska’s wilderness and wild things.

    Discovery Voyages believes in a sensitive and respectful interaction with the environment that delivers our guests a genuine and intimate encounter with Alaska, far from the crowds and clamor of conventional, high-volume tourism.

    Discovery Voyages - acknowledged as a leader in sustainable ecotourism by the Adventure Green Alaska certification programDiscovery Voyages was recently awarded the Adventure Green Alaska (AGA) Gold Certificate for meeting the highest standards of economic, social, and environmental sustainability by the Alaska Wilderness Recreation & Tourism Association, one of only three businesses to do so in 2009. Discovery Voyages has been recertified at the Gold Level through 2014. Adventure tourism companies receiving the Gold-level award have been acknowledged as leaders in the Alaska tourism industry by developing innovative sustainability practices and helping partner businesses implement sustainable practices.

    We offer our guests two ways they can take positive steps to protect the environment while they are on their voyage.

    Our carbon offset program gives us an opportunity to help others achieve that which is presently beyond our own business’s reach: energy independence and zero emissions. By contributing to a clean and renewable energy projects’ fund managed by Native Energy of Burlington, Vermont, and based on our annual fossil fuel use and associated carbon footprint, we help fund wind, solar, farm methane and other renewable energy projects, including some projects right here in Alaska. A number of Alaska’s remote Native villages are converting to wind powered electricity with the help of Native Energy’s renewable energy programs. Please consider  the emissions associated with your travel by supporting the Iowa Farms Wind Project, which will reduce approximately 8,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year and bring essential additional income to Iowa farmers. To calculate and purchase offsets please visit NativeEnergy’s travel calculator.

    We encourage guests to participate in “4 Dollars a Day for Alaska Conservation“, a volunteer donation program where guests elect to donate $4 for each day spent with Discovery Voyages. Donations for this program are given to:

    • Prince William SoundKeeper, a community based, non-profit organization that works to protect and enhance water quality in Prince William Sound, Alaska through community-based stewardship, problem solving education and advocacy
    • The Alaska Center, a nonprofit environmental advocacy and educational organization dedicated to the conservation of Alaska’s natural resources
    • The Alaska Wilderness Recreation and Tourism Association, a non-profit organization supporting the management of Alaska’s wild places and the development of diverse travel businesses, communities and conservation interests.

    Additionally, Discovery Voyages donates considerably to political organizations and individual candidates who demonstrate responsible long term stewardship of Alaska’s wild places and resources.

    • Captain and Crew

      Discovery Voyages is a family operation headed by captain and naturalist Dean Rand. He is joined by carefully chosen guides and crew members in order to enrich your experience, both on board the Discovery and as you sail through Prince William Sound. Read More »
    • The M/V Discovery

      M/V DiscoveryMeticulously fitted to combine the finest blend of comfort and utility, the 65-foot classic working yacht gently sails you into one of the world's richest marine environments. Because of its small size, the Discovery can sail into quiet coves and navigate ice-bound channels that larger boats must avoid, letting Discovery passengers get an up close and personal view of glaciers and marine wildlife impossible on a larger cruise ship. Read More »
    • Prince William Sound

      More than three thousand shore land miles of bays, coves and deep fjords comprise the prized seacoast region of Alaska's famous Prince William Sound. Exceeding the combined area of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, this sheltered waterway contains the greatest diversity of habitats found along the entire Eastern Pacific Coast, including the world's northernmost temperate rainforest. Read More »
    • Fine Dining

      A tantalizing menu of carefully prepared, home-cooked meals await you on the Discovery. Depending on the season, meals feature fresh local seafood such as Copper River king salmon, sockeye salmon and or halibut, oysters, shrimp, and rockfish, served with fresh quality fruits and vegetables, homemade breads & rolls, soups, and more. Read More »