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  • Alaska Photography Tours

    The Discovery has served as a platform for amateur and professional still and motion picture photographers for many years. The Discovery’s professional staff combined with Prince William Sound’s abundant wildlife and birding photography opportunities, make the perfect combination for compelling photography. Captain Rand, an avid photographer himself, is familiar with the complex demands often involved with capturing great photos, and he and the Discovery crew understand the necessary needs, elements and interests of photographers: positioning the vessel, operating inflatable skiffs, critical maneuvering, timing of lighting and an intimate knowledge of the sounds secret treasures.

    The small ship M/V Discovery is available to charter for film crews, videographers, photo clubs, or groups wanting a voyage with an emphasis on photography. We invite you to organize your own trip or participate in one of our scheduled photography cruises and Land & Sea adventures, guided by a professional Alaskan photographer.

    Photography Voyage

    otter7Guided by professional photographers and naturalists Hugh Rose or Ron Niebrugge, our photography tours are designed specifically for the photographer who always wants to linger a little longer than the rest of the group. Days activities focus on photographing in Prince William Sound’s magical fjordland! Over years in the Sound, Hugh has cultivated a healthy list of “favorite places” that hold a special beauty at certain times of day. It is these locations, along with other spontaneous encounters, that we focus on during this voyage.

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    Spring Wildlife & Photography Voyage

    Alaska bear viewingOur Spring Wildlife and Photo Voyage offers outstanding bird watching, wildlife viewing and photo opportunities throughout Prince William Sound. Guided by professional photographer and naturalist Hugh Rose, the trip includes 3 days focused around the Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival in Cordova, Alaska, where tens of thousands of migrating birds from across the Western Hemisphere stop to refuel. Other photographic opportunities include marine mammals and bears fresh out of a long winter of hibernation, now basking in some of the best weather of the year. One of Discovery Voyages’ popular annual photography tours, this spring voyage offers flight seeing, kayaking and short hikes to spectacular scenic vistas.

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    Grand Alaska Journey

    Mt. McKinley in Denali National ParkThe Grand Alaska Journey is the ultimate Alaska adventure featuring the best of Alaska’s spectacular scenery and wildlife on land and sea. Guided by world-class naturalist and photographer Hugh Rose, the journey starts with a  5-day small ship cruise viewing and photographing the massive tidewater glaciers, towering mountain peaks, and diverse marine life of  Prince William Sound. From there, we travel by road into Alaska’s interior for an intimate 3-day tour of Denali National Park, the gem of America’s National Park System, overnighting deep in the six million acre park and preserve in a comfortable, privately owned lodge. Activities include day hikes, photography and flightseeing over North America’s tallest peak, Mt. McKinley.

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    Hugh Rose, Photographer and Natural History Guide

    Hugh Rose has lived in northern climates most of his life and currently makes Fairbanks, Alaska home. Compelled by Alaska’s natural beauty, he left a 10-year career in geology to explore and photograph the vast landscapes and wildlife of the north. Both nature and a camera have intrigued Hugh since childhood and he continues to explore these worlds through photography and guiding. Hugh is a skilled birder, and with a masters degree in geology, blends a keen mix of natural history with his people and photography skills. He travels worldwide sharing the the wonders of the natural world with his clients, including annual wilderness tours in Antarctica, South Georgia, and Alaska’s Arctic coast.

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    What Other Photographers Say

    “Prince William Sound is one of my favorite locations to photograph. The stunning array of wildlife make it a photographer’s dream. On board the Discovery was a wonderful way to access the Sound. The staff was knowledgeable, accommodating and the food was great!.”

    – Art Wolfe, Professional Photographer

    “I’ll never forget eating a gourmet salmon dinner aboard the Discovery while we drifted in front of the Surprise Glacier. All at once an enormous piece of the glacier began to calve into the fjord. Instantly, everyone jumped up, grabbed cameras and knocked over wine glasses, running out the door to capture the crashing ice. In Alaska, photography trumps gourmet food every time!”

    – Professional photographer, Tom Bol, Outdoor Photography

    • Captain and Crew

      Discovery Voyages is a family operation headed by captain and naturalist Dean Rand. He is joined by carefully chosen guides and crew members in order to enrich your experience, both on board the Discovery and as you sail through Prince William Sound. Read More »
    • The M/V Discovery

      M/V DiscoveryMeticulously fitted to combine the finest blend of comfort and utility, the 65-foot classic working yacht gently sails you into one of the world's richest marine environments. Because of its small size, the Discovery can sail into quiet coves and navigate ice-bound channels that larger boats must avoid, letting Discovery passengers get an up close and personal view of glaciers and marine wildlife impossible on a larger cruise ship. Read More »
    • Prince William Sound

      More than three thousand shore land miles of bays, coves and deep fjords comprise the prized seacoast region of Alaska's famous Prince William Sound. Exceeding the combined area of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, this sheltered waterway contains the greatest diversity of habitats found along the entire Eastern Pacific Coast, including the world's northernmost temperate rainforest. Read More »
    • Fine Dining

      A tantalizing menu of carefully prepared, home-cooked meals await you on the Discovery. Depending on the season, meals feature fresh local seafood such as Copper River king salmon, sockeye salmon and or halibut, oysters, shrimp, and rockfish, served with fresh quality fruits and vegetables, homemade breads & rolls, soups, and more. Read More »